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I'm Corey. I sort of hate most things and I'm very indifferent to most people. I guess you could just say anti-social. I like the silences that people say are awkward. I'm extremely sarcastic most of the time. I study art at MSU and aspire to be an illustrator/character designer. I also strive to be the best cuddler East of the Mississippi and to be the love of his life for as long as he'll let me.
Me tonight while watching Harry Potter instead of doing work.

Me tonight while watching Harry Potter instead of doing work.

My Harry Potter movie qualms:


Dumbeldore says something, Harry reiterates it exactly in the form of a question.

If he gets in trouble for doing magic outside of school later on why is Harry doing an illumination charm in his room at the beginning of the third movie?

Dean Thomas cocks his head to the side every single time he says anything.

Their hair in the fourth movie.

Daniel Radcliffe: Really bad fake crier.

Ginny: Way too tall for Harry by the sixth movie (obviously not their fault) and a total bitch minx who hides his book without him seeing and doesn’t actually end up going out with Harry in public (screenwriters’ fault).

They suddenly don’t have to wear uniforms all the time anymore in the third movie.

Crabbe goes to jail and they recast him as a black guy.

Book: Dumbledore calmly asks Harry if he put his name in the Goblet of Fire. Movie: Yells and spits in Harry’s face, shaking him violently.

Freeze frame at the end of the third movie.

Fat black guy that has so many lines in the third movie and isn’t even a real character.

Hermione’s hair isn’t bushy anymore after the second movie?

Neville’s plot line completely disappears.

They change the whole end battle between Harry and Voldemort.

Lavender isn’t even in any of the movies before six.

Harry is under the invisibility cloak in Hogsmeade but the lolly pop is just floating around. How is he licking the lolly pop through the cloak?

Cut out the Dobby / Binky story.

The Fat Lady’s painting is suddenly out in the open in the third movie when the entrances to the dormitories are supposed to be unknown to other houses.

Not enough Moony, Wormtail, Padfoot, and Prongs.

Harry teaches the D.A. the Levicorpus charm in the fifth movie even though he doesn’t learn it from Snape’s text book until the next book.

The Inquisitorial Squad breaks the wall into the Room of Requirement, what?

My Harry Potter movie qualms, Part 2:

Professor Flitwick suddenly has a black bowl cut just because the director changed.

Malfoys make fun of the Weasleys for being in the nosebleeds at the World Cup, when really in the book they were all in the Minister’s box together.

Beauxbatons wasn’t supposed to have only girls and Durmstrang wasn’t only boys.

“Everything about Seamus.” Says my sister.

The t-shirt Harry wears in every single movie basically.


Did they really have to make Helena Ravenclaw not like every single other ghost they’ve every had in the movies?? Ghost are colorless! Come on people.

Could they really not have given Daniel Radcliffe green contacts?

Don’t breath in the Voldemort flakes, guys.

Bringing this back (and complaining a lot more):

Okay, I get now that Daniel Radcliffe’s eyes reacted badly to the green contacts.


"You have your mother’s eyes." Oh wait, no you don’t. Because they couldn’t even have bothered to give that actress contacts to match Daniel Radcliffe’s eyes.

Why did they even wear those prep-schooly uniforms in the first place when all they wear in the book is wizarding robes? Psh, aesthetics.

Also, couldn’t they just have explained the Patronuses like they did in the book? That wouldn’t have been so hard.

Why do they make Quirrell die in the first movie? Harry couldn’t have seen Quirrell die in the first movie because he can’t see the Thestrals until after he sees Cedric die in the fourth! Plot hole, homies.

Why in the heck does Voldemort possess Harry in the end of the battle at the Ministry…?

Poor Peeves.

Also, no Death Day Party, which probably could have been way cool.

Seriously! The Neville story line! It could have been Neville all along! How could you just cut that out??

Dudley really does care!

Voldemort’s family’s back story was cut! The Gaunt family scene was so great and definitely explained a lot more why Tom Riddle was such a freak. (You know, the whole incest to keep the Slytherin blood line pure, thing. Oh! And, you know! The fact that he isn’t even pure blood, but had a Muggle father!!! COME ON.)

Also, Snape’s memories from the Pensieve of his interactions with The Marauders is cut down way too much. That part was so good.

Guys, seriously, there just needed to be more Pensieve scenes in general.

Also, they shouldn’t have changed the whole dynamic of the Pensieve scenes in the last couple movies compared to the earlier ones. That was dumb. Black smokey thoughts, really?

The fact that they saw the locket in the Black house could no longer come up in the search for the Horcruxes because they cut it out of the movie!

Rita Skeeter’s true account of what happened in the graveyard that gets published in the Quibbler gets left out!

Percy’s betrayal and Bill’s whole werewolf thing got nixed. Also, he was barely mentioned so his and Fleur’s marriage was ridiculously out of the blue.

Also, Charlie actually had large scenes and speaking roles in two of the books but didn’t even exist in the movies?

Ginny and Harry actually date for a while in the book! They don’t just have a stupid secret kiss… It’s way public! And in front of Ron! P.s. Way to change that whole Potions book hiding scene by adding her…

S.P.E.W. homies, S.P.E.W.! Hermione cares man! And in the book, this is why her and Ron end up kissing! Because he’s worried about the house elves!!

"Harry talks in his sleep"?? Really?? That’s how you just HAD to explain how Ron could get himself and Hermione into the Chamber. You couldn’t have just had Ron say, oh yeah, I just heard him say "open" in Parseltongue when we broke the locket like a couple days ago.

Guys! Stop shoving past Harry during the Battle of Hogwarts! He clearly has more important things to be doing than all of you! Let him through!

Not enough Quidditch World Cup. Also, they leave out the whole thing with Griffindor finally winning the Quidditch Cup in the third book for the first time in ten years ‘cause of our homie Harry.

Okay, so I guess they basically just cut out most of the Quidditch in general.

The actors for Lily and James were too old. They died when Harry was like one and they were still newly wed when they had him, so like in their twenties.

The whole Sirius explanation in the third movie was shortened way too much.

They really couldn’t have taken that extra ten seconds to kill off Petigrew?

Speaking of, I’m still mad about the nixing of the entire Marauders plot line.

No Dumbledore funeral?

They got rid of a lot of the planning that went into finding the Horcruxes. They also got rid of the whole Phineas Nigellus Black portrait thing and that seriously could have helped out explaining a heck of a lot.

They barely explained Sirius’ mirror, so it’s almost forgotten and you can’t even realize why the heck Harry has broken glass with someone’s eye hanging out in it.

Also, they pushed Dumbledore’s back story into one small scene of dialogue from Ron’s aunt (who they don’t even point out to be his aunt).

He doesn’t even talk to Harry about it at King’s Cross…

Horcruxes or Hallows? Wait, what? Oh, that’s right, that was omitted. Guys, in case you forgot, the OG Invisibility cloak is the same one that Harry owns! Wow, wow, wow!

Also, the fact that the Horcruxes were all meaningful objects was left out.

They never even explain the ring had the Resurrection Stone.

And wait, is it just me or does Harry seem to care a lot more about Sirius than his Dad when they appear from the Resurrection Stone.

Not about the movie BUT, don’t you all think it’s so funny when people think the shriveled up Voldemort at King’s Cross is an aborted baby??

Why oh, why do they set The Borrow on fire? That never happened!

The acting by all of the strangely Scene-looking kids in the Great Hall scene of the last movie where Voldemort is talking in their heads is just horrible.

Neville doesn’t love Luna! Come on!

They leave out the scene where Fred dies! “You actually are joking Perc … I don’t think I have heard you joke since you were-” They make up and then everything is horrible again! Like one of the saddest things in the book, Fred’s death, and you couldn’t have even done it right?

And they didn’t have Harry’s death and sacrifice and love protect all of his Hogwarts friends when Voldemort tries to put enchantments on them! That was so cute man! Just like his mommy!

And it was way cooler when in the book Harry explains everything to everyone in front of Voldemort and then Neville kills the snake right there, because then everyone really understands what happened!

And what… why are their faces morphing together while they’re falling/fighting…

Also, why can everyone suddenly become black or white smoke and fly around when they apparate…? They always say how no one can fly without a broom and it’s a really big deal when Voldemort does at the beginning of the last book, so this sort of negates all that…

Also, why did they make Quirrell fly around chasing Harry during the end of the first movie, then.

Ginny looks ridiculous in the epilogue.

And why is Ginny and Harry’s daughter blonde?

They couldn’t have just had Harry fix his own wand before breaking the Elder Wand? It would’ve taken like two seconds. (Even though he really should have just put it back in Dumbledore’s grave.) (And he should’ve explained how since it was planned that Snape would kill Dumbledore, the wand never left Dumbledore’s possession anyway. Hense Voldey is a dumby.) (And they should’ve said this INSTEAD of saying it was Draco’s wand all along because he disarmed Dumbledore… WRONG. Dumbledore died and the wand’s power died with him. Come on, screenwriters. Try a little harder.)

Trelawney’s prophecy is way cut down and way less explained making it harder to understand fully for anyone that didn’t read the books.

And finally, It’s the title of the movie and they didn’t even bother to explain what a Half-Blood Prince even is?? WHY?

P.s. Odin bless J.K. Rowling for spelling every single thing in this book series phonetically.

P.p.s. Thank you for anyone who stuck through this whole thing.

Also noticing how terrible the “Voldemort’s voice is in my head” acting done by all of the nameless students is.

Watching the last Harry Potter movie and realizing how many scene kids there are in Slytherin house during the Great Hall scene.

I don’t know who here would care, but… I got into Montclair State’s Animation/Illustration program and I’m so pumped!



Two completely perfect years with the most perfect man I could ask for. Every day you make me even happier and make me love you even more. Happy anniversary EJ. :) And many more to come.

Two completely perfect years with the most perfect man I could ask for. Every day you make me even happier and make me love you even more. Happy anniversary EJ. :) And many more to come.

My first ever Photoshop drawing with my Wacom tablet. Just for practice, inspired by one of my favorite Tumblr artists, snarkies.

My first ever Photoshop drawing with my Wacom tablet. Just for practice, inspired by one of my favorite Tumblr artists, snarkies.

And then the art style changed….

Skirts for dayzzz.

Skirts for dayzzz.

75 Years of the Bat

75 Years of the Bat

The MBTI personality type test is the coolest. Especially when you can find out which superheroes, benders, and princesses you are.

I’m an ISTP and it figures.

Wearing skirts and taking names.

Wearing skirts and taking names.



High fashion. #artz

High fashion. #artz